Wednesday, December 14, 2011

chocolate birthdays and dulce de leche

so here are some pictures of some cupcakes I recently made. First owl cupcakes for my moms birthday! she loves owls! these are the red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese and chocolate chip center and cream cheese frosting that I recently posted about. they are divine, and i thought the owls were pretty damn cute! also on this post are mexican chocolate cupcakes that i filled with easy dulce de leche and topped with dulce de leche buttercream. to make dulce de leche, take a can of sweetened condensed milk, peel the label off, put it in a pot and fill with water- completely covering the can with water and cover pot with lid and boil for 2 hours adding water as needed to keep can covered, then cool can completely and ta-da! dulce de leche! crazy if you ask me but completely delicious, especially in these cupcakes!


Darah said...

These look awesome Brisha! I love dulce de leche!